American Airlines delays, computer problems easing

American Airline's computer migraine is easing. But it’s still a headache for travelers like Larry O'Connor, who is trying to get to home to Bellingham, Wash.

“I was on the 7:30 flight this morning. It’s 9 o’clock and I'll be leaving at 1 o’clock on a Delta flight. So not so good so far,” he says.

Tuesday’s computer crash forced the nation's third largest airline to ground its fleet for hours. With the reservation system offline, the airline wasn't able to check people in, track bags, update schedules or flight plans.

More than a thousand American and American Eagle flights have been canceled, many more delayed - including hundreds today, hours after the issues with the airline's reservation system were fixed.

By mid-day the flight delays were decreasing and gone were these long lines full of frustrated flyers seen Tuesday at Reagan National Airport.

“It's a scary reminder, the days that we live in now, the internet runs a lot of things now,” says Chris Kusber.

An embarrassed Tom Horton, the airline CEO, offered a Youtube mea culpa.

"We're responsible for getting you to business meetings, vacations, and to seeing your family and friends,” Horton said. “That's a responsibility we take very seriously and we don't like to let you down."