America's best and worst airports: BWI places high, Dulles disliked

Dulles ranked among the nation's worst airports.

Travelers who fly through Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport are apparently some of the happiest in the world of air travel.

The same can't be said about people who go through Dulles, though, according to a new survey by Travel & Leisure magazine.

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According to the magazine's list, BWI ranks as America's 6th best airport. Factors that were involved in the ranking include a low record of delays and cancellations, short lines at security and excellent communication by airport employees and staff.

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On the other hand, Washington Dulles International Airport placed 7th on the list of worst airports in America. The survey cites the airport's lack of proximity to the nation's capital - it's more than 25 miles away from the District - its long lines at check-in and security and cleanliness as reasons for the poor rating.

Remarkably, though, all three major New York City area airport ranked above Dulles as the nation's worst places to fly in and out of LaGuardia ranked #1, while John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark ranked #4 and $5 respectively.

On the other hand,{ } Minneapolis came in as America's best airport.

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