AAA travel forecast, Thanksgiving roads and airports

More Americans will be making a mad dash to get out of town this holiday. In its annual Thanksgiving travel forecast released Tuesday, AAA predicts 43.6 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles from home over the holiday. Nearly 40 million people are expected to hit the roads.

“I'm a lot more conscious than I was in the past about gas,” said Imon Javadi of Alexandria. “Trying to fill up ahead of time as gas prices tend to go up during the holidays.”

The national gas average has declined 35 cents per gallon in the last month. AAA expects further declines through the holiday, although the price of gas on Thanksgiving Day should be close to last year's record of $3.32 per gallon.

Despite airline prices being 11 percent lower this Thanksgiving compared to last year, AAA projects there will be a sharp decrease in the number of airline passengers. Only 7 percent of holiday travels will fly the skies.

Local airports will still be busy. According to Travel & Leisure, travelers should expect delays at both BWI and Dulles throughout the holidays.

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