AAA: People are driving old cars longer (Video)

AAA is seeing a trend when it comes to the kind of cars people are driving these days.

It seems we're driving our old cars a lot longer to save on money. And that means more trips to the mechanic.

Local mechanics say they're noticing more people trying to save their old cars.

And AAA has taken note, reporting that because of the still struggling econom people are foregoing the shiny showroom mode and repairing the rides they've already got.

The average age of vehicles in the D.C. region is just above nine years for cars and SUVs, eight and a half years for trucks, and 10 and a half years for heavy duty trucks.

It's a sign of the times that some say could be further hurting big american business.

ABC7's Autria Godfrey has the story and talks with mechanics and car owners.