A tax on airline tickets?

Right now TSA security checks cost each and every flyer $2.50 going and coming. It’s a fee tacked onto the ticket price when you buy it. Now President Barack Obama wants that fee to go higher.

The fee would raise about $36 billion for deficit reduction. Also being proposed is charging all commercial aircraft $100 bucks every time they take off - something airlines big and small oppose, saying it could lead to further reductions in service, especially at small airports.

If the measure becomes law, the $2.50 you pay now would double to five dollars each way and would continue going up until 2017 when it'd be $7.50.

plus, the TSA will have the ability to raise it further.

But this proposed passenger security fee wouldn't just help fund the TSA. Some of the money would go to deficit reduction.

Traveler Ann Black says the president should find another way to cut the deficit.

“I think the government should work on reducing other programs that are ineffective and useless there's a lot of waste in the government already,” she said.

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