'Bird expeller' installed at Franconia-Springfield Metro station

      SPRINGFIELD, VA. (WJLA) -- It may sound annoying, but some Metro riders are saying, it's the sound of relief.

      After numerous problems with excessive numbers of birds plaguing the Franconia-Springfield Metro station in Virginia, authorities finally decided to do something about it.

      A device called a "bird expeller" has been installed at the station.

      The device gives off aggressive, screeching bird noises -- which help to scare the real birds away.

      Metro officials and riders say the device already seems to be making a difference in ridding the station of many of the birds.

      "Anything they can do to keep the [station from being messed up," said commuter Chuck Davidson on Friday. "I like clean things. If you have a bunch of bird poop everywhere, you don't have clean stuff, so I support spikes like [those that line the Metro ceilings], and any chirping noises like that will be music to my ears."