Virtual hologram displays Alexaner Ovechkin, John Wall, Chris Pontius

Even an hour-long drive can't keep Jason Kecken and his grandson away from a Washington Capitals practice.

They're like dozens of fans who came out to practice Wednesday, hoping to catch a glimpse of the newly crowned southeast division champions.

“We watch together, we go to the games together,” Kecken says. “So it's probably like our number one hobby that we like to do together.”

Courtney Maxei drove in from Manassas with eyes on Ovechkin.

“I just really want to meet him,” Maxei says. “I've been a fan for a really long time.”

Soon, she'll have the chance to see her favorite player any time she wants.

At a photo shoot Wednesday, photographers captured virtual images of Ovie's fist bump and high-five. Later this spring, fans like Maxei will be able to display that video in a life-size hologram straight from their smart phones or tablets.

“It’s pretty cool,” Ovechkin says. “It’s a big honor, so, it’s a good step for our organization and you know, for myself as well.”

Ovechkin, the Washington Wizards John Wall, D.C. United's Chris Pontius, are modeling for "Augmented Reality, virtual, moving statues available through QR codes coming soon to Ballston.

For maxei, it a chance to get step closer to Ovechkin. For Kecken, it’s one more reason to bring his grandson all the way to Arlington.

“I think for kids, it would be really great,” Kecken says. “I know he'd love it.”

Fans will have to wait a little bit until that produce is ready. It debuts May 19 at Taste of Arlington.