What's next for the Washington Redskins?

(WJLA) - The trademark judges have decided that the Redskins name was disparaging to Native Americans, and now it boils down to money.

The ruling cancels federal trademark protection for the team’s name and logo, which amounts to millions of dollars lost – and it’s a move applauded by some and criticized by others:

"I think it's a really good decision...I think the Redskin name is offensive and it's crazy it's stayed the same this long," says football fan Riordan Frost.

"Being a D.C. native, I'm still pretty upset they did that -- I like the Redskins name," countered Kim Green.

American University law professor Christine Farley specializes in trademark law, and says the next move may very well come from the NFL:

"It's the NFL that owns the marks, it's the NFL who will face the revenue consequence..."

She is referencing revenue that is pooled and shared among the teams, and Farley says the NFL could appeal the decision again:

"It's not a certain path through the courts of appeal a second time."

Or, Farley says, the league could finally bow to the growing public pressure.