Washington Redskins playoff tickets available to general public Dec. 29

Photo: Associated Press

The Washington Redskins are in position to make the playoffs for the first time since 2007, and in that spirit, the team announced information Monday on how and when fans can get their hands on tickets to any potential home playoff games.

Season ticket holders will get the first crack at getting their hands on seats to the Redskins' potential Wild Card game. Those who hold season tickets can reserve their seats through Dec. 27. The remainder of seats available to any playoff game would go on sale on Dec. 29.

The Redskins could potentially host a Wild Card game on Jan. 5 or 6 at FedEx Field.

The vast majority of season ticket holders will see prices for a Wild Card game remain the same as they pay for regular season games and can either pay in full up front or participate in a "Pay-When-We're-In" plan.

You can find more information at the Redskins website.