Super Baskets of Hope program brings Redskins player to Georgetown Hospital

Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander helps deliver gifts as part of Baskets of Hope. (Photo: Whitney Wild/ABC7)

It's not every day that 9-year-old Gabriel Coster gets to meet his hero.

"I'm really excited," Gabriel, who has been at Georgetown Memorial Hospital since Sunday, said about getting to meet Washington Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander.

Gabriel and the other children at the medical center got a major surprise Wednesday when Alexander stopped by to deliver gift baskets and goodie bags. Calling them his "Super Baskets of Hope," the seven-year NFL veteran came to visit with the kids and their parents.

"It's amazing that you don't see them complaining or crying about anything," Alexander said. "It's definitely emotional and you try to just hold all that back, especially when you have kids."

Super Baskets of Hope is an extension of the "Baskets of Hope" program. The group was founded in 1995 and extends to more than 20 locations, including Georgetown Hospital. Representatives say that experiences like the one Alexander provided are ones they'll never forget.

"It's taking their mind off the situation at the time," Carla Sapp from Baskets of Hope said. "Children are the best when it comes to any type of adversity.

"When you see their faces, you want to be part of it more and more."

Alexander admitted that he struggled to find the words to describe his feelings.

"It takes a toll on you mentally as a parent," he said. But for Gabriel, it was easy to find the words to describe his thoughts.

"I hope they win the next Super Bowl," he said.