Santana Moss remains anchor for Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins roster has been revamped over the past few years, but through all the changes wide receiver Santana Moss remains. The 13 year NFL veteran is entering his ninth season with the burgundy and gold and is enjoying the Redskins preseason change of scenery.

“It’s amazing,” said Moss. “Just driving over, you see the people in the streets, they’ve just been waiting for this moment and now the moment is here.”

Moss is known for several of his own moments in the end zone, last season he led the team with 8 touchdown receptions.

“I’ve always said when the opportunity presents itself, I know how to answer,” Moss said. “Last year was an opportunity coaches gave me a different opportunity as having a different role.”

At age 34, Moss is the oldest receiver on the team, but he credits the franchises recent success to some of the youngest players on the team.

“Some of us that are still here like me and London (Fletcher), we didn’t have that moment to be on those prime-time games because we weren’t any good,” Moss said. “I’m glad we have those guys, they got us playing to that level.”

But Moss reserved his highest praise for one player in particular, Robert Griffin III.

“When you have a kid that eager to win, put his body on the line, any other guy would have said that’s a wrap, but he didn’t,” Moss said referring to the knee injury Griffin suffered in last season’s playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. "He felt he was the best guy for us to help us win, and I’m going to hang my coat on that same hanger.”