Russell Wilson, Seahawks quarterback, has roots in Va., D.C.

When he's not busy managing one of the biggest law firms in D.C., these days, Ben Wilson is answering emails about his famous nephew.

Wilson's nephew is Russell Wilson, one of the rookie quarterback sensations starting in Sunday's playoff game between the Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks.

As popular as RGIII is here in Washington, D.C., Russell Wilson is in Washington state.

"I think what he and Robert bring is a new energy to a great game," Ben said.

Russell may be the toast of the Northwest, but his roots run deep in this area. He grew up in Richmond, Va. and spent many summers in D.C. with his Uncle Ben and his family.

Coached by his late father, Harrison, Russell went on to play collegiate football and baseball.

"I [was] extremely excited to be able to go home to him and tell him...I was drafted into professional baseball, and the toughest part of that was he died that night," Russell said of his father.

Ben added, "It's a privilege. It's inspiring to see him overcome obstacles, to see him succeed, to see him prevail."

Sunday, Ben says he will be at FedEx Field wearing his #3 Seahawks jersey. He watch what he says should be a great game between his two favorite teams, but he will be rooting for his favorite quarterback.