Robert Griffin III rehabs in local man's pool

RG3 is seen here with Lee Kestler.

Lee Kestler's brush with greatness initially took a little convincing.

He says he received email that stated it was about "Robert Griffin III - please call me." At first, he thought it was spam.

But it wasn't. Kestler, from northern Virginia, owns a very specialized rehab pool used by pro athletes and weekend warriors alike.

And sure enough, the Redskins came calling. They were looking for a private pool that Griffin could work out in away from the public. Lee had the pool, and with an OK from his wife, the Kestler’s had a new house guest - and a secret one at that.

“To be honest my kids didn't know for the first three weeks… (RGIII) had the password to the garage so as long as they kept quiet I was happy and they were happy," he says.

Kestler says Griffin worked out there two to three days a week for about three months.

“I certainly appreciate what Robert means here in Washington," he says. "But in the end, this is a guy that needed to do some fitness work. And I was willing to let him use it.”