RGIII calls win against Bears 'A feeling of last year'

For the Redskins, it was like going back to the future.

“It was a feeling of last year”, said quarterback Robert Griffin III after Sunday’s big win against the Chicago Bears.

Sunday, Griffin and the 2013 Redskins offense took a page from the 2012 version - and just in time. The Redskins beat the Bears 45-41.

“Without a doubt we had a feeling about this game, I know I did,” added Griffin.

RGIII used his legs – and his arm - leading the Redskins to a 6-touchdown outburst.

“It seems like our offense is clicking, Robert’s making plays and we’re scoring a lot of points,” said linebacker Brian Orakpo.

The Redskins defense yielded 41 points - the last of which gave the Bears the lead with just under four minutes left. At 1-and-4 and their season on the brink, the Redskins offense didn't blink.

“On the sidelines there, when they scored, we were so determined to change what this week would look like,” said running back, Roy Helu, Jr.

Griffin methodically moved the team down the field and then back-up Roy Helu, Jr. scored from three yards out. Instead of 1-and-5, the Redskins were 2-and-4, and just like that, the Redskins are still relevant in the NFC East.

Said Helu, “Overcoming adversity is just an amazing thing, You’re just more thankful for what goes on after you get a win.”