RG3's wife spotted wearing Tommy Terrifics

Photo: Alex Parker

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- They are the heel-clicks heard around the world. But you have to be one die-hard diva to wear them on the sidelines of the Redskins-Eagles game, as the wife of the beloved Redskins' quarterback RGIII did Monday night.

ABC7's Alex Parker kicked things off, so to speak, after he spotted Rebecca Liddicoat, aka Mrs. RG3, rocking the hand-painted heels during the game. Parker snapped a photo of her feet, Tweeted it out, and, as they say in the Twittersphere, it blew up. Which happens to be a good and bad thing.

"I gave them the shoes as a wedding gift months ago," explained the D.C. Picasso of pumps, who also goes by "Tommy Terrifics." But he just figured she had never received the present.

No one expected that this one picture would be re-tweeted around the globe. But within 24 hours:

"There were so many people emailing us, going crazy about the shoes," said Tommy. "It was unbelievableā€¦people from all over the world."

His reaction was sincere disbelief, since Tommy has struggled to prove that he can design hip-hop gear just as well as couture.

Publicity would seem to be desirable for the Maryland artist. Tommy has a Facebook page with more than 7,000 fans, many of them joining the team this week. The nickname came from his first shoe that took off -- based off of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady,

But Tommy tries to stay out of the limelight. When he had a warehouse shop in Capitol Heights where he slaved away as a "rebellious artist" for thirteen years, someone jealous of his growing success shot him. He moved out and went underground to protect his family.

But his artistry has become well-known and well-liked. Redskins' Ambassadors wear the hand-cobbled pumps as they walk from suite to suite on game day. Tommy also paints hats for baseball teams like Leonardtown.

Call it bad karma turned good, but Tommy's old warehouse space is now occupied by a non-profit that mentors foster and homeless girls, called My Girlfriend's house. The self-proclaimed fashion divas there flipped over the pumps and their unlikely connection to the shoes.

"I love them. They are ingenious," said executive director Veronica Eyenga as she eyed Parker's photo. "Shoes are a big deal and can give a girl such confidence and to rock them like that ... just amazing."

"They don't look comfortable but they look cute." said Shanae Newman, the marketing director. "I think they are adorable and want a pair this second."

The shoes retail for $110 dollars, but good luck getting one. Tommy is a one-man team in the middle of a personal Super Bowl.