Redskins vs. Seahawks: Fans reach fever pitch with excitement

For longtime Washington Redskins fans, Sunday's wild-card playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks is a long time coming - five seasons, in fact, since their last playoff appearance.

And for those, such as Redskins superfan Chief Zee who harken back to the glory days of Super Bowl titles in 1982, 1987 and 1991, it's almost go time.

Chief Zee, who Redskins Nation wholly recognizes as the team's unofficial mascot, says a rocking FedEx Field crowd will be key to help Washington to a victory.

"The fans have got to know you've got to make noise when (the Seahawks) go to the huddle," he says. "That's when you want to make they can't hear the play."

Excitement is high across the entire region for the Redskins' first home playoff game since 1999; a game in which the Redskins defeated the Detroit Lions 27-13.

"Coming from the bottom of the NFC East for five consecutive years and jumping all the way to the top is so emotional," Redskins fan Dave Jackson said. "It's a great feeling."

It has been a long road back to the top for the Redskins and their fans. Since their last playoff game after the 2007 season, the Redskins have gone 23-43, including 4, 6 and 5-win seasons over the past thee years.

Now, though, after a remarkable run of 7 straight wins which brought them an unexpected NFC East championship, the iconic Hogettes and the whole of the team's fan base clearly welcome the buzz over the team.

"They've been playing game-by-game for two months, and it just unifies the whole town," the Hogette's leader, 'Boss Hogette,' says.