Redskins vs. Giants score update: Giants score late TD to win 27-23

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4th QUARTER: Moss fumbles after catch. The ol' victory formation. Giants win 27-23.

4th QUARTER: Wow. Eli to Victor Cruz for 77-yard touchdown pass. Giants 27-23 with 1:13 remaining.

4th QUARTER: RG III to Santana Moss. Touchdown. Redskins 23-20.

4th QUARTER: Whoa. RG III complete to Paulsen on 4th and 10 from the Washington 23. First down.

4th QUARTER: Giants punt. 2:59 remaining. 

4th QUARTER: London Fletcher out with a hamstring injury; Giants convert a 3rd-and-15 deep in their territory.

4th QUARTER: Redskins convert turnover into a field goal. Giants 20-16.

4th QUARTER: Well, now. Eli is picked by Rob Jackson on the first play of the drive.

4th QUARTER: Yep, he fumbled. Third consecutive Washington turnover.

4th QUARTER: Another 4th down. Another conversion for the Redskins. Next play, though, RG III fumbles and Giants recover. Review pending.

4th QUARTER: Um, let's call the call gutsy, at best. Shanahan goes for it on 4th and 3 from midfield, gets the first down on quick pass.

4th QUARTER: Bradshaw bulls in from the 2. Giants 20-13.

END 3rd QUARTER: Giants are driving.

3rd QUARTER: RG III picked. Giants ball.

3rd QUARTER: Goodness II: Eli is picked by Josh Wilson, Redskins' ball at their 15.

3rd QUARTER: Goodness. After a leg-whip penalty wipes out a Morris run to the Giants 12, he fumbles the ball away to the Giants on the next play.

3rd QUARTER: Giants' opening drive of the second half ends in a punt.

3rd QUARTER: Redskins get second-halfoff kickoff, wind up punting for the first time in the game.

RANDOM THOUGHT: RG III is becoming must-see TV for any NFL fan, not to mention casual fans and Redskins fans. This is so Michael-Vickish.

HALFTIME: Alfred Morris has 94 yards on 13 rushing attempts; RG III 42 on three carries, blut 5 of 8 for 85 passing yards. Manning has 186 yards passing yards. Despite the score, this one has been all offense.

2nd QUARTER: Manning motors his team quickly down the field to set up 39-yard field goal. Tied at 13. 

2nd QUARTER: Redskins settle for field goal, lead 13-10.

2nd QUARTER: Gash and gash. RG III for 28 yards. Morris for 30. Giants defense a step slow at most turns. Two-minute warning.

2nd QUARTER: 3:53 left. Giants move from their 20 to the Washington 9 before stalling; settle for fieldl goal. Tied at 10.

2nd QUARTER: RG III screen to Santana Moss goes for 26 yards and a touchdown. Redskins 10-7.

2nd QUARTER: He runs, he gets hit, he gets up. RG III up the middle. . .

2nd QUARTER: Andre Brown scoots in from the 1 to cap 80-yard drive. Giants 7-3.

END Ist QUARTER: Redskins 3-0.

1st QUARTER: Fred Davis out for the game.

1st QUARTER: After chewing up more than nine minutes from the clock, Redskins stall at the Giants 2 and settle for a field goal. Alfred Morris has been gashing NY defense. (Also tight end Fred Davis limped off the field with an ankle injury).

1st QUARTER: Long TD pass to John Morgan wiped out by illegal shift penalty. 

1st QUARTER: Giants move but stall at the Redskins 41. Punt. RG III set for Giants Stadium debut.

1st QUARTER: It's underway, only it isn't. Redskins offside on kickoff. 5-yard penalty and a re-kick.

Welcome to this afternoon's live blog of the Redskins' road clash against NFC East foe New York. Washington swept the series last season but the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl.

Your writer today is ABC7 reporter Skip Wood, who spent the better part of 15 years covering the NFL for USA TODAY. 

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