RG III's four TD passes lead Redskins past Eagles 31-6

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

AND THAT'S A WRAP: Redskins improve to 4-6 with 31-6 win over Eagles; Next up: Thanksgiving and Dallas.

RANDOM THOUGHT: Word to the wise: When leaving FedEx Field, do not{ }make eye contact with drunk Eagles fans. Go straight{ }to your car.{ }Ignore this at your peril.{ }

FOURTH QUARTER: Billick just said Andy Reid is all but fired.

FOURTH QUARTER: Goods runs by Morris, Griffin leads the latter to a { }17-yard TD toss to Logan Paulsen. Redskins 31-6.

FOURTH QUARTER: Eagles take advantage of defensive stand by not taking advantage of defensive stand. A three-and-out leads to a punt.

FOURTH QUARTER: Morris stuffed on 4th and inches deep in Philadelphia territory.

FOURTH QUARTER: Will begins will Redskins on the move. Philly looks absolutely hapless.

THIRD QUARTER: Eagles respond by going nowhere. Punt.

THIRD QUARTER: RG III heaves a ball 60-some yards to Santana Moss in the end zone. Touchdown. Redskins 24-6.

THIRD QUARTER: Eagles drive, stall, settle for a field goal. Redskins 17-6.

THIRD QUARTER: Redskins' opening drive ends with a sack and a punt. What a great game, boys and girls!

THIRD QUARTER: Eagles kick off, Redskins ball.

RANDOM THOUGHT: Redskins look OK while the Eagles (three turnovers) look bad.{ }Get ready for a. . .well, get ready for a second half.


SECOND QUARTER: Redskins settle for short field goal. Redskins 17-3.

SECOND QUARTER: Redskins punt, and then -- wow. Eagles fumble on a meant-for-nothing run.

SECOND QUARTER: Eagles stall, punt through the end zone.

SECOND QUARTER: Redskins respond likewise.

SECOND QUARTER: Eagles respond with a punt.

SECOND QUARTER: Great runs from Griffin and Alfred Morris set up Griffin's 49-yard{ }heave to a wide-open A. Robinson. Redskins 14-3.{ }

SECOND QUARTER: Eagles settle for a field goal from 41 yards. Redskins 7-3.

SECOND QUARTER: Redskins 7-0.

FIRST QUARTER: Redskins stall after turnover. Punt.

FIRST QUARTER: Eagles get to midfield, hurt by penalties and then have the rookie picked off by Brandon Merriweather.

UH-OH:{ }London Fletcher{ }is down and in apparent pain.{ }

EDUCATED GUESS: There are exactly zero national reporters inside the FedEx press box.

FIRST QUARTER:{ }Griffin short toss to{ }Darrel Young. Touchdown. Redskins 7-0.

FIRST QUARTER: Ah, the rookie, Nick Foles has a pass tipped that's picked off by D-Hall. Redskins set at the Eagles 9.

FIRST QUARTER:{ }{ }Eagles win toss, receive kickoff. First down at the 21.

PREGAME: Well, your FOX analyst is the smartest man in the room, one Brian Billick.

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Both the Redskins and the Eagles are 3-6.

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