Redskins' Josh Morgan's mother at Navy Yard during shooting

Washington Redskins wide receiver Josh Morgan stood at his locker at Redskins Park Monday and had to fear the worst. His mother, a long time employee at the Washington Navy Yard, could not be reached.

“I called her like 30 times…and nobody could get in touch with her," Morgan said somberly.

At that time, Morgan’s mother, LaWanda Ware-Brown, was on lockdown and did not have her cell phone with her. She heard a series of gunshots before being rushed away – and placed in lockdown at a secure location.

Monday’s tragedy was not a first for Morgan and family. His mother was at the Pentagon on Sept. 11 when the terrorist attacks occurred and Josh was a senior at Virginia Tech in 2007 when a gunman killed 32 students and faculty members.

“We’re all too familiar with it…we just have to pray for the best,” said Morgan

Thankfully, Josh’s mom is safe and sound. The lockdown was lifted and she was able to leave work late Monday afternoon and return home to her loved ones.

“It’s grateful and shock," Morgan said. "You would never think that you would come to work to a place you thought was very secure, and someone would have any intentions to do something like what happened.”