Redskins hold 6th annual All-Star Survivors celebration

(WJLA) - X's and O's took a back seat to the Cupid Shuffle today at Redskins Park, as the team held its 6th annual All-Star Survivors celebration. Daniel Snyder’s wife Tanya hosted the event.

“A memorable day forever,” said Snyder, a breast cancer survivor.

It was a day of pampering for those who could use a little pick-me-up.

“I’m a breast cancer survivor since 2007… I know how hard it is for women,” said Thelma Jones of Washington, DC.

Robert Griffin III helped out by leading tours, while fullback Darrel Young and Josh Wilson spent the bulk of their time on the de facto dance floor in the Redskins Park cafeteria.

“If we can come out and have fun with them, it’s good time for us.” said Young.