Parody websites profit from Redskins team name controversy

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      (WJLA) - Just hours after the Redskins lost the latest round in their trademark battle, parody websites started having a field day. One is even selling shirts and hoodies that say: “Hail to the R-Word.”

      And another more controversial site is selling mugs and t-shirts for a pretend “Landover Racists” team, using an image that looks like Redskins team owner Dan Snyder.

      Shane Morris, a Nashville music manager who dabbles in sports writing, created the site and makes no apologies for it:

      "If Mr. Snyder sees his face and his likeness with the word racist below it, he might feel the same way Native Americans feel when they have their likeness disparaged by a slur."

      In just 24 hours, Morris says he has sold a couple hundred t-shirts.

      "Since Mr. Snyder has no problem profiting off the likeness in a racist way of Native Americans, I have no problem profiting off his likeness in a completely racist way as well."

      However, we didn’t find a lot of support – even from those who support a team name change. Many think the websites are simply going too far.

      Despite his legal disclaimer, Morris says he wouldn’t be surprised to hear from the team’s lawyers:

      "I would relish the chance to be in a court and have Mr. Snyder explain why it's okay for him to use a racist name -- and not me."