NFL bag policy: Stadiums ban camera cases, diaper bags, big purses

LANDOVER, Md. (WJLA) -- The NFL changed its security policy banning purses this season except for small clutches. The change was made league-wide, which means the same restrictions at every NFL stadium.

Here's what's banned this year: Camera cases, diaper bags, backpacks, non transparent tote bags, seat cushions and big purses.

Any tote bag must be see through and no bigger than 12 x 12 inches. The NFL just happens to be selling them on its website, cashing in on the changes.

But a number of women, including Christina Heath, had no idea about the anti-bag rule and were forced to return purses to their cars.

"I think they should notify you and let you know that before you come to the game, to be honest with you," said Heath.

The NFL insists this prohibition will improve upon safety and get fans into the stadium quicker. But Janet Flowers’ experience came to a full stop when she encountered security. They wouldn’t let her go up the steps and said she would be sent right back down.

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