McAuliffe hits Redskins training camp with little fanfare

RICHMOND, Va. (WJLA) – Virginia’s Democratic candidate for governor attended the Washington Redskins’ afternoon session of training camp Tuesday, and was steadfastly clear about the hot topics of the day – and it was a mightily hot and humid day, to be sure.

While RGIII and the rest of the gang did their thing, Terry McAuliffe, meeting with a small group of reporters, did his.

Between fluffing his white crew shirt with a Redskins logo to get a bit of heat relief, McAuliffe declared that:

He’s a “huge” Redskins fan.

He has no position on whether they should change their name.

He really likes how well Richmond responded to the Redskins switching their training camp to here from Ashburn.

GreenTech? Yeah, well, that too.

His Republican rival, Ken Cuccinelli has been hammering him of late about the electric-car company in Mississippi from which he resigned as co-chief to run for governor. The company now is the subject of an exploratory investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission about foreign-worker visa approval.

Asked about it, McAuliffe replied in matter-of-fact fashion, pointing out that back-to-back this past weekend stories in the New York Times and the Washington Post about him and GreenTech are perfectly valid.

“At the end of the day, everybody’s working, trying to build new businesses. . .” he said. “What folks want to hear from us, is what are you going to do to grow this economy?”

But what about the Redskins? The name? Potentially changing it, which team owner Dan Snyder deems a fool’s folly?

“Listen, I think it’s totally up to the Redskins. . .” he said, quickly changing the subject to job creation.

And with that, he was off – off to shake hands with players who probably, for the most part, had no idea who he is and for what’s he’s running.

Training camp indeed.