Fugitive arrested after telling Redskins name joke to newspaper

Red arrow points to Jacob Chase, arrested after his comment appeared in the newspaper. (Courtesy: Bloomsburg Pa. Press Enterprise)

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. (WJLA/AP) -- An alleged New York bail-jumper was arrested on his Pennsylvania college campus after he posed for a news photographer and police spotted his picture in the paper.

Authorities caught up to 25-year-old Jacob Close after he took part in the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise's weekly "Your Opinion" feature, answering a question about the controversy over the Washington Redskins' name.

"I think they should keep the same name but change the mascot to a potato," Close told the newspaper.

Police say Close jumped bail in a drug and drunken-driving case in Ithaca, New York, several years ago. He was arrested Sunday at Bloomsburg University's student recreation center.

University police knew Close was wanted but weren't aware he was on campus for the summer until his photo was published.

Close was held on $25,000 bail pending extradition to New York. Court records don't list an attorney for him.