Dan Snyder defends lawsuit

Redskins owner Dan Snyder defended his lawsuit against the Washington City Paper in a Washington Post op- ed that appeared in today's newspaper.

Snyder writes that he'll withdraw the suit if the weekly agrees to the retractions and apologies he's been demanding. He also claims that he's been recklessly attacked.

Any and all proceeds from the suit will be donated to charity, according to Snyder's his attorneys who spoke during a Tuesday conference call.

"The money is an inappropriate side show,” said attorney Patty Glaser. “The real issue is responsibility and taking responsibility and doing your homework."

The attorneys said that the lawsuit is not about money, but about the press' responsibility and that Snyder's mission isn't to put the Washington City Paper out of business.

"Nobody has any desire to put any publication out of business,” Glaser said.

The Washington City Paper has denied wrongdoing.

Snyder refilled the Washington City Paper lawsuit Tuesday in District court. One of the defendants in the suit, Washington City Paper writer Dave McKenna, declined to comment.

But his editor, Mike Schaffer, said the paper stands by the story that caused the ruckus.

“People read us because we don’t cower when we’re threatened,” Schaffer said.

Snyder claimed, among other things, that McKenna defamed him in a column that stated Snyder forged names as a telemarketer with Snyder Communications. McKenna’s editor said most reasonable people would understand that meant Snyder himself didn’t forge the names but rather it was people who worked for his company.

Regardless of the fall-out, Snyder has the money and therefore will challenge the paper so that Snyder can stand up for himself.

"There's been a lot of media bullying," said one attorney for Snyder.{ }

The $2 million lawsuit accuses the weekly and its ownership for the "lies, half-truths, innuendo and anti-Semitic imagery."