Current and former Redskins pass on lessons to campers

Redskins safety Dejon Gomes says playing outside as a kid helped him achieve his dream today.

He says going to football and baseball practice as a kid wasn’t something he was forced to do: It was something he loved to do.

Exercise and healthy living was the message he and fellow Redskins player Nick Sundberg and former Redksin Charles Mann delivered to dozens of Montgomery County kids from various summer camp programs.

"I think they have a great time, which makes our time that much more enjoyable,” says Sundberg.

The guys hoola-hooped, coached and cheered for day campers at mid-county community recreation in Silver Spring. It was just one stop on the Redkins' 80th anniversary tour.

Former players say it's a chance to teach the winning values to the next generation.

"If you build good character, as part of your lifestyle, you're still wanted 16 years after the cheers have gone,” says Mann.

And for day campers, it was the chance to run drills with their heroes.

"It was exciting and fun because I love the Redskins and I like to play football, and I'd like to play football when I grow up,” says 9-year-old Wesley Boateng.

Sundberg says the adoration is very meaningful to him.

"You know, I'm young. I'm only 24,” he says. “And to be put on that pedestal means a lot."