Chris Cooley returns to Redskins after Fred Davis injury

Veteran tight end Chris Cooley has become a Washington Redskins once again.

He passed his physical and signed up Monday morning, a source told ABC7.

The team reached out to the fan favorite, after Fred Davis suffered a season-ending injury in Sunday night’s lost to the New York Giants.

Cooley was cut from the Redskins during the pre-season.

{ }Hardcore Redskins fans could barely contain their excitement upon news of his return.

Jeannette Gillian and Steve Stokes were among the first at the team's official store at FedEx Field Monday morning just to get a hold of a Cooley jersey. His number 47 shirts rivaled even RG III's Monday in popularity at the store.

For eight years, Cooley was one of the most popular members of the team. Even after he was let go, his paraphernalia remained among the top five sellers at the team's store.

"He's fast, he's accurate. I'm just happy he's back," Gillian added.

Fans think Cooley is the one key link the team has been missing all season.

Redskins Fan John Tieso said, "Cooley will fill one of those bills that they need badly. Because they're a good team if they get someone like him to come in and fill one of those spots, there's absolutely no reason they wouldn't have a winning season."

Excitement over the 30-year-old's return isn't jut about having a great player back on the field, but one that fans genuinely love.