2011 Washington Redskins season in one word

In the wake of the latest Washington Redskins debacle, this one a 34-19 loss to the New York Jets in which the 'Skins gave up three 4th quarter touchdowns, we saw the usual amount of frustration being expressed throughout social media.

So, as we usually do, we wanted to harness all that energy into one place. On Monday morning, we asked you on our Facebook page to give us one word that you think describes the 2011 season thus far.

Even though there are four games left, the response is fairly clear. After following up a 3-1 start by going 1-7 over the last two months, the sentiment centers on disappointment.

Many of you put the blame on coaching. Some of you said it's time to restart with a new quarterback. As usual, several fans made Daniel Snyder the center of their ire.

Ultimately, though, your frustration came out on the players who haven't executed.

"Until the Redskins are able to make hard choices and remove unproductive personnel, including the offensive coach, we will continue to be losers," Facebook fan Cherelle Judy said.

The question in the newsroom now focuses on if the Redskins will win another game this season.

Washington hosts New England this week, then goes on the road to face the Giants in Week 15. They close out their home schedule with the struggling Minnesota Vikings in Week 16, then travel to take on the Philadelphia Eagles, another NFL East disappointment, for their final game of 2011.

So, will they win any of those? Take our poll here on

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