Washington Nationals have high expectations for 2012

The Nationals finished the 2011 season on a remarkably high note, winning eight of their last 10 games, and ending just one loss under .500 (they only played 161 games). After a finish like that, there's nothing left but to make grand predictions for next season!

“We expect to contend. We expect to play with the Phillies and beat the Phillies. We don’t want to just be a Cinderella team. We want to be a team to beat. That’s the difference,” Drew Storen told the Post.

I think most Nats fans will be OK with that{ }assessment, while the rest of baseball will be skeptical. After all, Stephen Strasburg finished the year strong. Jordan Zimmermann pitched well. And next year, we may see Bryce Harper make his debut. On the other hand, Strasburg has yet to pitch a full 200-inning season. Jayson Werth{ }had a down year{ }at age 32. And then there's Bryce Harper.{ }{ }

Let's just say that it's too early to jump on any bandwagons just yet.