Washington Nationals beer vendor saves choking teen's life


Last month, a teen attending a Washington Nationals game started choking on his food, to the point of turning pale. Standing nearby was beer vendor{ }Emmanuel Marlow, who'd never performed the Heimlich Maneuver before; he'd only seen it done on TV. But that didn't stop him from giving it a shot, and successfully dislodging the food on the third try.

The story doesn't end there. The Post's Dan Steinberg found that Marlow is quite the mensch.

Marlow’s 'day' job — which begins at 3 in the morning — involves caring for patients with Parkinson’s; he helps bathe, shave, massage and feed several such patients. He also said it’s in his nature to help people; he once took a free CPR class at UDC, figuring it might come in handy. And he listened carefully during his vending training session, when his supervisor, Terrie Smith, encouraged her employees to be vigilant at all times as they walked the stadium.

This is why you should always tip your vendors! (Marlow is #182.)

Nationals Park Beer Vendor, Emanuel Marlow, Saves Choking Teen: