Teddy Roosevelt wins Washington Nationals presidents race...finally

After eight long years, they let Teddy win.

In the final Presidents Race of the season at Nationals Park on Wednesday, Teddy Roosevelt finally won the team's staple between-innings race.

According to the Let Teddy Win! blog, the victory snaps the 26th President's streak of 525 consecutive losses.

I'm just getting warmed up! Time to get ready for the postseason! You ain't seen nothing yet! The Rough Rider has arrived!

— Teddy Roosevelt (@Teddy26Nats) October 3, 2012

For years, America's 26th leader (or, at least, his incredible mascot simulation) found an amazing number of ways to lose or be cheated out of winning.

However, the Nationals' final game of the 2012 regular season was finally his day.

Sporting snazzy gold shoes and a red headband, Teddy trailed early in the race to his presidential competitors, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln{ } and Thomas Jefferson.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a mascot that resembled the famous Philly Phanatic interfered with the other three in the right field corner.

That allowed Teddy to cruise home for an easy first victory.

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And for a one-on-one interview with Teddy after the win, watch the video below.