Stephen Strasburg's return to Nationals might be Sept. 6

Stephen Strasburg has been continuing his rehab in a quiet manner, with little fanfare{ }(just kidding). But the stars are lining up, and after four more starts, Strasmas may be ready to go at the major league level. Mark your flag football league calendars now: Strasburg might return on Sept. 6.

It makes sense for team officials to pencil him for that date, says Teddy's Team Blog; pitching on a five-day schedule, Strasburg will continue to rehab close to home, save a potential Aug. 27 start in Syracuse. And a Sept. 6 start in the majors, against the Los Angeles Dodgers, would allow him to stay home for his next two major league starts on the 11th (Houston Astros) and 16th (Florida Marlins).

How do you know Strasmas is coming in September? This might be a hint:

In fact, the Nationals have stopped letting season ticket holders redeem their Red Carpet Rewards (additional free tickets) for those specific three games, instead hoping to monetize Strasburg’s return and sell out the stadium. It should be an electric first night for Strasburg at Nats Park on September 6th.

That's as close as speculation gets to being definite.