Stephen Strasburg injury: 'I'm not missing my next start'

From Federal Baseball:

Washington Nationals' manager Davey Johnson started a minor firestorm late last night when he told reporters after the loss to the Atlanta Braves that Stephen Strasburg was experiencing "forearm tightness" in his right arm. The latest report from the Nats' GM, however, said that the right-hander's arm is fine.

{ }"That was a tough one, but the main thing," Davey Johnson told reporters after last night's 3-2 loss to the Atlanta Braves, "I was a little concerned about [Stephen] Strasburg. He always has a tendency to shake his right arm -- and him being wild and whatever, I talked to [Steve McCatty], 'Have you talked to him? Because he doesn't look right to me?' And he's still throwing the ball real hard, but I told [McCatty] after he went out in the sixth, 'Get him out this inning and we'll get you out of there and get you a win.'"

"But I think, I was in there," Johnson continued, "He was in there with the doctor, he's got a little tightness, I think, in his forearm. So they're going to put him on some medication. But you'll get a report from the doctor, but... that was a bad thing in the game. Still throwing good, but his command was way off, so I knew something was off on him."

"I couldn't throw strike early on," Strasburg said when he spoke to reporters, "I was able to kind of battle through it and keep it close."

The obvious issue early, and throughout the game really, was control according to the pitcher who wasn't sure what the problem was. "I was pulling the ball," Strasburg said, "I mean, can't really say why I'm having a tough time right now in the first inning, but I am, so just got to keep grinding and figure it out."

As for any talk of a possible forearm issue, Strasburg downplayed it. "I'm not missing my next start I'll tell you right now," the right-hander said.

"Did they send you for tests after the game?" a reporter asked.

Strasburg didn't answer. He rolled his eyes and laughed to himself as he walked away.

"What a joke."