Relievers are people too!

Shawn Kelley sports his 'Relievers are people too' t-shirt (ABC7)

Nationals pitcher Shawn Kelley wants you to know: Relievers are people too! So, he decied to get his message out with a customized t-shirt?

"It was an idea from me and some teammates," Kelley said.

The reaction from his teammates?

"The starters don’t think it is very funny," Kelley added. "They think they are more important."

"Shawn was wearing that last year," said reliever Blake Treinen. "He got them made for everyone this year because we all wanted one."

The Nationals opening day bullpen is the deepest corp they have had in recent memory and they want to remind you that their role is important.

"We are like kickers in the NFL," said Kelley. "We go do our job and nobody notices and if we don’t do our job we are the one to blame, so I just want people to remember that we have feelings and we are people."

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