Nats-mania continues, fans 'psyched' for historic win

The Nats clinched their division Monday night and celebrated on and off the field. Now fans are gearing up for the last two games of the season and wondering if Teddy will ever win.

The fans erupted and the fireworks exploded and so began Nats-mania in Washington, D.C. By mid-day, the day after the Nationals clinched the NL East, fans were rushing to get t-shirts to show their support.

“We’re major Nats fans," says Elissa Goldfarb, a life-long D.C. baseball fan.

“We’ve waited a long time for this,” says Modell. “My boys are psyched. One lives in Boston, one lives in Baltimore and another is in school in New Orleans and I’m sending [t-shirts] to them today.”

Clark DeFranceaux’s daughter is flying in from Ohio so they can go to the Nats game Wednesday.

“I wanted to get up this morning and get something,” says DeFranceaux. “I was going to go down to the stadium if I had to so my daughter and I can wear t-shirts to the game tomorrow to be together and share the moment.”

At Bullfeathers on Capitol Hill, the loveable loser Teddy Roosevelt was ready for his close-up. Fans sidled up to the mascot to share in Tuesday’s championship celebration.

“I am so excited,” says Cathy Evans. “No one thought this was ever going to happen. We knew we were getting good players, young players, but we didn’t expect it to happen this soon.”

Greg Glassock and his family are visiting from Washington State and celebrated his son’s 8th birthday at Monday night’s historic game.

“It was just thrilling to watch the scoreboard, to watch Pittsburgh, to watch that game,” says Glassock. “It was really fun. I have a good feeling they’re going to make it to the World Series and possibly win the World Series.”