Nationals vs. Cardinals score update: Cards rally to stun Nats 9-7

Ryan Zimmerman celebrates his first-inning 2-run homer with teammates. AP Photo.

Botton 9th: Zimmerman pops out. Nats are erased. Cardinals win 9-7.

Bottom 9th: Harper strikes out.

Bottom 9th: Werth flies out.

Top 9th: Motte whiffs but the damage is done. Nats go from one strike away from the NLCS to three outs away from an obit.

Top 9th: Kozma hits two-run single to right. Cardinals lead 9-7.

Top 9th: Descalso hits a laser past the infield. Two runs score. Tie game 7-7.

Top 9th: Freese draws a walk to load the bases.

Top 9th: Molina draws a walk. Runners at the corners with two outs.

Top 9th: Craig strikes out.

Top 9th: Holliday grounds out, Beltran to third.

Top 9th: Beltran doubles.

Top 9th: Drew Storen new pitcher for the Nationals.

Bottom 8th: PH Tracy pops out but Nats nonetheless are three outs away from the NLCS.

Bottom 8th: Suzuki singles to center to score LaRoche. Nats get a big run. Nats 7-5.

Bottom 8th: Jason Motte new pitcher for Cardinals.

Top 8th: After the home run, Kozmak pops out, PH Carpenter strikes out and Jay flies out. Nats survive but still get nicked.

Top 8th: Descalso homers to right. Nats 6-5. { }

Top 8th: Tyler Clippard in to pitch for the Nats.

Bottom 7th: If you're a Nats fan, ugly. Werth grounds out, Harper flies out, Zimmerman grounds out. Big guns go silent. Still Nats 6-4 but. . .

Bottom 7th: Mitchell Boggs new pitcher for Cards. Nats have just one hit since third inning.

Top 7th: Damage control succeeds. Freese strikes out after a Molina walk to end the inning. Nats 6-4.

Top 7th: Holliday grounds out but Jay scores from third. Nats 6-4.{ }

Top 7th: Edwin Jackson new pitcher for Nats.

Bottom 6th: Nats strand two after getting two on base after two groundouts. PH Bernadina strikes out to end the frame. Nats 6-3.

Bottom 6th: Edward Mujica new pitcher for Cards.

Top 6th: Burnett replaces Stammen, gets PH Schumaker to ground out. Nats 6-3.

Top 6th: Craig Stammen in for Gio.

Bottom 5th: Big fizzle. Harper and Zimmerman strike out, LaRoche pops out.

Top 5th: Molina flies out to end the inning. Nats 6-3.

Top 5th: Gio walks Craig with bases loaded. Nats lead sliced to 6-3. { }

Top 5th: Wild pitch brings in a run. Nats 6-2.

Top 5th: Walk to PH Robinson loads the bases for Cards with no outs.

Top 5th: Cardinals have runners at first and third with no outs

Bottom 4th: For the first time this games, Nats go down 1-2-3. Suzuki flied out to left, followed by groundouts from Gonzalez and Werth. Still Nats 6-1.

Top 4th: Gio. Well done, sir. A walk to Beltran and then a run-scoring double to left by Holliday to cut maters to 6-1. But after than, damage control successful. Holliday stranded at third on Freese strikeout. Nats 6-1.

Bottom 3rd: Desmond and Espinosa strike out to end the inning.

Random thought: These Nats remind me of the 80s Mets when they were young and the 90s Braves when they were young. Think about it.

Bottom 3rd: Morse homers to left, scores Zimmerman. Nats 6-0. And that's the end of Wainwright's evening in D.C.

Bottom 3rd: Man oh man. Harper makes himself heard -- again -- with a homer to deep right. Nats 4-0.

Top 3rd: Kozma flies out, after which the pitcher Wainwright and Jay whiff. Still 3-0 Nats. . .and there's a sense of NLCS. Stop it. Way to soon to have that sense.

Bottom 2nd: Werth does it again. . .? No.{ }Ends inning with deep fly to center. Still 3-0 Nats.{ }

Top 2nd: Freese has a one-out single but Descalso strikes out and Freesre is out on an attempted steal of second. Still 3-0.

Bottom 1st: LaRoche, Morse and Desmond are consecutive strikeout victims but the damage is done.

Bottom 1st: Ryan Zimmerman two-run homer. Nats 3-0.

Bottom 1st: Bryce Harper. I know that dude. Triples to center to score Werth from second. Nats 1-0.

Top 1st: No earlyl hole here. Cards go quietly as Jay flies out to center, Beltran reaches on a hit to shallow right, after which Holliday strikes out and Craig flies out to center. 0-0.

Pregame: And so the TBS broadcast begins with a shot of the Capitol Dome. Just like the old days (for the Redskins) at RFK.

By the end of Friday night, either the Washington Nationals or St. Louis Cardinals will be packing up for the winter, while the other will go on to face San Francisco in the NLCS.

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