Nationals vendor saves fan from choking

A Nationals vendor is getting a lot of praise for his quick thinking, composure and work ethic. The man was working as a beer vendor at a Nats game a couple of weeks ago when he noticed a commotion in the stands. He spotted a teenage boy.

“I saw him up in the stands, he was choking and kind of turning blue,” Emmanuel Marlow said. “And I noticed that everyone was panicked and didn’t know what to do.”

Marlow put down his beer and rushed to help. He performed the Heimlich maneuver. After several attempts, the boy spit out a large piece of chicken.

“I know if I didn’t do anything, he would’ve choked on it,” Marlow said. Marlow is not required to know CPR or the Heimlich maneuver as part of his job.

“He was at the right place at the right time, and he was calm and he knew what to do, and he did it,” Catherine Silver, guest services supervisor, said.

The teenager’s mother thanked Marlow and hugged the man, who then went back to work. The teen’s mother told Nationals officials her son is doing well.