Memorial Day 2013: People adjust to unseasonable chilly Memorial Day weekend

According to the calendar, this is Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer. But if you’ve spent any time outside this week, you know it doesn’t feel like it. Instead of shedding clothes for bathing suits, people in the D.C. region are bundling up.

For the second night in a row, fans braved the unusual temperatures to be at the Washington Nationals game.

“We have an extra jacket for our son and a blanket,” says Soraya Evans, a Phillies fan.

“I’ve got three layers of Phillies gear, my jacket, my sweatshirt, my t-shirt, and my hat,” says Bob Conrad.

Temperatures have taken a dive this past week.

“I don’t know what it’s supposed to dip down to, but it’s going to be a chilly one,” says Mindy Panzer.

“We thought it would be much warmer than this, and traditionally it is, but that’s OK,” says Buck Payne, a Nats fan.

Despite the cold temperatures, fans still find ways to stay warm, even if that means wearing a winter coat in late May.

“You can’t drink a cold beer if you’re cold, so I figure I’ll have a nice cold beer and my parka,” says Stevie Donahue, a Nats fan.

Saturday was opening day at Ocean Dune's Waterpark, where hundreds flocked for Memorial Day weekend last year.

The water park holds 403, but because of the chilly temperatures there were barely 30 brave souls visiting.

“This year it’s so cold,” says Kelly Koster, a park ranger the Northern Virginia Regional Park.

“Summer time is a big deal in our house,” said Alison Broksas, who was there with her two children, 6-year old Eva and 3-year old Alexander.

“Regardless of the weather…if it’s cold, if it’s raining, sunny…we’re here,” she says.

“They are blue in the cheeks, their chattering teeth, but they love it. They love it,” Broksas said laughing.

“I’m surprised we’ve got as many people out here,” Koster says. “But you know kids, they don’t mind. Kids will swim till their lips turn purple and the parents make them get out.”

The Callens didn’t embrace the cold water.

“We were hoping it was going to be a bit warmer so we could get to the pool, but no way,” says Tim Callen, who brought his sons Thomas and Matthew to the batting cages.

“Even from England, we’re used to cold weather, cold water, but no way I’m going in there today,” Callen says, referring to the nearby water park.

After a good hour of batting practice, the Callens had decided they would likely do some gardening or possibly catch a movie to avoid the the cold at night.

“Hoping it gets warmer tomorrow and Monday and maybe we can get to the pool then,” he says.

“We need to just enjoy it and remember pretty soon it’s going to be hotter than we want to think about,” Koster says. “It’s definitely a different Memorial Day weekend than I think I’ve ever seen in my life.”