Know your Nats: Bryce Harper part one

Part one of Erin Hawksworth's conversation with Bryce Harper (ABC7)

Make no mistake, while the Washington Nationals have plenty of star power - Max Scherzer, Daniel Murphy, Trea Turner and Stephen Strasburg to name a few - Bryce Harper is the most captivating.

Harper's 2016 season was solid, but it paled in comparision to his electric 2015 campaign. The numbers Harper put up in 2015 (.330 BA, 42 HR, 99 RBI, 118 runs) earned him unanimous MVP honors in the National League.

While Harper's 2015 season may eventually prove to be the best of his career - the potential of a repeat performance is enough to make fans and staticians alike drool.

ABC7's Erin Hawksworth sat down for an extended conversation with Harper in West Palm Beach - this is part one of their conversation.

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