John Wall's first pitch at Nationals Park was third-worst ever, says Mancave Daily

The sight of John Wall standing on top of the pitcher's mound at Nationals Park after an incredible rookie season is one that we'll never forget. Unfortunately, we'll never forget it because Wall spiked the ball a few feet in front of him. The rest of the world may not let us forget it, either.

Mancave Daily, a blog by Cleveland's 92.3 The Fan, put Wall's pitch third on a list of the "Top{ }five{ }worst first pitches," behind{ }Gary Dell’Abate (a.k.a.{ }Baba Booey) and{ }Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, and just ahead of Mariah Carey and Charlie Brown. Of Wall's performance, Mancave Daily writes:

Washington Wizards guard John Wall can throw a basketball 90-feet with remarkable accuracy. That’s why it was astounding to see Wall throw his pitch less than half of that before bouncing it into the dirt when he threw out the first pitch at Nationals game in June. Not only is Wall our first professional athlete on the list, he actually played baseball in high school. Watching the John Wall pitch is even more painful than watching a middle-aged weekend warrior doing the John Wall dance.

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