Bryce Harper at home in the big league

Bryce Harper is well underway in his second big league camp. But watch one swing and it's obvious Harper fits right in with the big league club.

He says he’s more comfortable “being around the guys” and is more comfortable with the big-time attention. But there was no escaping the media scrutiny last season.

As Harper adjusted to life in the minors on the road, he also learned how to avoid trouble on the field. Last year, Harper infamously blew a kiss to an opposing pitcher after hitting a home run off of him. The action, which many deemed as unsportsmanlike, made national headlines.

“It was like a week straight, and it's like it's one day get over it,” he says. “Something that happened, it did happen. Move past it.”

For a player with so much intensity, Harper also has as a softer side. He recently added a little flair to his uniform and bought a house for his mother.

Harper says he's adjusted his famous swing, lowering his hands and shortening his stride, to help him go against more advanced pitchers - ones he hopes to see this year, in the majors.

"We have a winning ball club and it's going to be an exciting time for D.C. sports, the Nationals, because we've been on that lower level,” he says. “We're an up and coming team and we're really excited about this year and the next, hopefully bring some titles to D.C.”