Caps fan Jack Dibler recovered from cancer

When ABC 7 last saw Jack Dibler in April, he and wife Eileen – along with their family – joined Capitals owner Ted Leonsis in his box to watch the Capitals win a thrilling game.

Jack is a Caps fan, and Leonsis invited him to lift his spirits after he learned he had esophageal cancer. And it worked.

"Cancer, it's not there!" he shouted at the game.

Jack had no way of knowing how true those words would become two months later.

"The doctor told me that I could stop the medicine, there would be no maintenance or anything,” Jack said. “There's just nothing there."

The good news came six months after the bad, when Jack was initially diagnosed at a dire stage 4.

Jack and Eileen are both former teachers at High Point and River Hill high schools, and their students reached out in many ways – even folding a thousand origami cranes due to the Japanese legend that they fulfill wishes.

And then, there was the Caps game.

Jack met the players after the April game, even receiving encouragement from the league MVP himself whose jersey he wears: Ovechkin.

"Alex said that his father had suffered from cancer as well, but was in remission," said Jack.

There was a scientific aspect to the treatment, the physical hardship and the chemo. And then, there was another -- the spiritual part with the support and encouragement and the prayers of people.

It all added up to a miracle.