Troy Isley: Toyota Team Player

Troy Isley, Toyota Team Player (ABC7)

When Troy Isley was little, he was a fighter.

"I used to fight a lot outside of school, in the neighborhoods."

Said Troy's mother Taninia Isley: "That's what he loved to do, so we said we're going to put it to use and sign him up for boxing."

Now, Troy is a boxer – and a champion at that.

"It's a lot of work that he put in to be number-one," said Coach Dennis Porter. "I'm just grateful to see him grow."

Troy trains at Alexandria Boxing Club and says the club "means everything" to him, calling it a "second home."

Troy has been boxing for almost a decade – and last month, he won a national championship.

"I'm excited but I'm kind of humble," said Troy. "So I mean I don't really talk (about it), I'm really quiet."

When he won the title, Troy says he reflected about what IF he never gave up fighting – for boxing?

"I was thinking I could have either been killed or I could have been in a jail cell," said Troy. "It's really because of my two coaches and my dad."

Now, this T.C. Williams High School senior is in for a crash course on geography.

"He’ll get a chance to travel the world with the USA Team," said Troy's father Kevin Johnson. "Go to Russia, Bulgaria, Poland - places like that"

Troy next goal: The 2020 Olympics.

Way to go Troy Isley – you are this week’s Toyota Team Player.

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