Toyota Team Player: Sinead Eksteen

Sinead Eksteen

Mclean High School’s Sinead Eksteen is this year’s All-Met Swimmer of the Year.

"It was definitely really exciting," said Eksteen. "There is a lot of competition for it and everyone here is really good in this area, so to win it is definitely an honor."

Last year Sinead took a break from swimming and almost quit the sport.

"When I went to meets I had this mental block where I doubted myself and I was not able to compete at the level I was supposed to," Eksteen explained.

Now she’s happy she did not give up.

Even though she is only a junior, Sinead has committed to Notre Dame for swimming.

As a dual citizen from South Africa, Eksteen also has her eye on the 2020 Olympics.

Congratulations Sinead Eksteen you are this week’s Toyota Team Player.