Toyota Team Player: Mia Grace

The George Mason women's basketball team welcomed a new teammate.

Through the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation, the Patriots adopted 3-year-old Mia Grace as a new member of the team.

Friends of Jaclyn pairs high school and college sports teams with children battling pediatric brain tumors and other childhood cancers.

In November 2015, Mia Grace, from nearby Falls Church, Va., was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Just three days later, she underwent a 14-hour surgery that concluded with a successful 100-percent removal of the large, malignant mass on her brain.

Though she spent two weeks in the pediatric intensive care unit, she was walking just three days after the surgery.

Two weeks ago, Mia signed a letter of intent with George Mason and last week she was presented with her own jersey.

Mia loves her new teammates and even made them Valentine's this year.

Congratulations Mia Grace you are this week's Toyota Team Player.

Watch the video above as ABC7 Sports reporter Erin Hawksworth interviews Mia Grace.

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