Is time running out for the Nationals?

For the Nationals the time to bring a championship to Washington is now.

"I think every year that's your main goal you come to Spring Training trying to win," said Bryce Harper.

Last season, the Nationals were poised for a run at their first title - but injuries and three-time Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw got in their way.

"I think for us, you don't want to take for granted an opportunity because it is always a small window," Shawn Kelley said.

That window may be getting smaller, 2015 NL MVP Bryce Harper is under contract for two more seasons, but may leave DC in favor of a brighter spotlight, and a bigger pay check.

Harper’s closest friend on the team is Jayson Werth – and his days in DC could also be numbered. This is the last year of Werth's contract.

"Every year with J-Dub is special, you never know what you are going to get out of him," Harper said.

"You want to win every year, that's the nature of this business," Ryan Zimmerman said.

"People are either around for awhile and don't go anywhere or they play somewhere else," Zimmerman added.

Perhaps nobody wants to win now more than Dusty Baker, who turns 68 in June and has yet to win a World Series as a skipper.

"Everyone has been saying, 'oh this is our last chance'," said Anthony Rendon.

"We could have technically said that last year because now we lost Wilson Ramos, we have lost some guys, I don't think it matters who we have on our team who we lost we come together we will come out on top," Rendon said.

Watch the video above as ABC7's Erin Hawksworth talks to the Nationals about racing the clock.

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