West Virginia University band won't play on field at M&T Bank Stadium

File photo: Wikimedia Commons

The West Virginia University Marching Band - the Pride of West Virginia - will not be allowed to play on the field during Saturday's game against Maryland in Baltimore.

And, needless to say, they're not happy.

The Terrapins are hosting the Mountaineers on Saturday afternoon at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore instead of their home field, Byrd Stadium in College Park, in what the school has always designated as a home game regardless of its location.

According to Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson, the team will continue to honor their tradition of only allowing the school's band, the Mighty Sound of Maryland, to play on the field.

In a post to their facebook page, West Virginia's band said that the band will still travel to Baltimore and play in the stands.

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A letter that Anderson sent to a concerned West Virginia fan was published by the website Blue and Gold Sports, in which the AD reiterated that they're treating the game at M&T Bank Stadium as any other home game.

"We communicated this information to the band representatives at West Virginia last June in order to allow them plenty of time for appropriate planning," Anderson said in the letter.

A Pride of West Virginia assistant director told the Charleston Daily Mail that he's disappointed that his squad will not be able to perform on the field.

"A few of our administrators have reached out to The University of Maryland but they are staying firm in their decision," West Virginia assistant director of bands Jay Drury said.

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