Kastles win 34th straight match, make history

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They play tennis, win championships, and set records. But not everyone in town may know who they are.

The Kastles are Washington’s professional tennis team franchise, and Tuesday night they set the record for the longest-winning streak of any professional franchise in history.

Kastles owner Mark Ein says he is still pinching himself as his team has now won 34 matches in a row, beating the streak formerly held by the 1971-1972 Los Angeles Lakers – a team with Wilt Chamberlin and Elgin Baylor.

Ein is not comparing his team to the ’71 Lakers, but he does say that the Kastles’ 34-match winning streak is an unbelievable accomplishment.

Now with this record in hand, the Kastles are asking themselves how far they can really go, how long they can continue this streak. It turns out, they will answer that question Wednesday night with a match in Dallas. Then they are back in the District on Thursday.

There is no rest for the best team in tennis.

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