Super Bowl 2013: Ravens superfans excited for game

Hey New Orleans: The Purple Dame has arrived.

The superfan occasionally known as Cindy Pierce is rockin’ her full game day get-up three days before kickoff. From Bourbon Street to Decatur and over to Canal, she is not alone.

“It feels like a home game here in New Orleans for us,” Pierce says. “(We’re) here to support the team.”

The travel website Orbitz reported this week that more twice as many Ravens fans as 49ers faithful booked trips to the Big Easy. They have arrived in droves.

The atmosphere Friday is football carnival. Crowds have gathered at the big ESPN set in the French Quarter, and while it’s not quite a Mardi Gras Parade, there is a steady stream of jersey-wearing fans.

Ravens fan Jim Macko was among those gathered near the ESPN set hoping to catch a glimpse of sports glitterati.

“We saw…well we didn't see Ray Rice but he was in the same restaurant we were,” he says.