Super Bowl 2013: Ravens lost Lombardi Trophy temporarily, found it

Ed Reed hoists the Lombardi Trophy after Super Bowl XLVII. The team then misplaced it. Photo: Associated Press

From SB Nation:

Winning the Lombardi Trophy is the goal of all NFL teams but, shortly after the Ravens won the trophy, they nearly lost it. The trophy was passed around in the postgame aftermath and on Monday Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said the team lost track of the trophy's whereabouts at one point.

Harbaugh, who showed up to his press conference on Monday with the trophy, said it didn't make it to the party that Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti threw Sunday night. Instead, Harbaugh said he was happy to see the trophy had been located and was now safe and sound.

"We hadn't seen this (Vince Lombardi Trophy) since last night," Harbaugh said, according to ABC 2. "We thought we lost it. Thank you very much. Thanks for coming out. It was quite a night last night."

As it turns out, the trophy was never in harm's way. Instead one of the team's security personnel had safely stored the Lombardi Trophy on the team's private airplane for the return trip back to Baltimore. Players were then able to take pictures with it on board while they flew back.

Losing the trophy would have cost someone a pretty penny as the Baltimore Sun reports the trophy is worth more than $25,000.

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